Fabrizio Colombo Ph.D., P.Geo

Fabrizio Colombo Ph.D.,P.Geo. has more than 20 years experience in petrographic analysis of rocks and geomaterials.

He focuses on the solutions of complex geoscientific problems by optical microscopy (transmitted and reflected polarized light),  electron optic analysis (SEM – EDS), microprobe, image analysis, SWIR spectroscopy and XRD.

Fabrizio offers his extensive experience in ore, metamorphic and igneous petrology paired with worldwide experience in mapping and managing exploration projects for base and precious metals in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, China, Spain and for industrial minerals in Italy, Tunisia and Romania.

He has conducted petrographic studies in Canada, USA, Mexico, Greenland, Chile, Sweden, Madagascar, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Central African Republic, China, Chile, Sri Lanka, Romania, Tunisia, Spain, Antarctica and Italy. (see visual resume below).


Visual Resume